How to Pet a Parrot

Parrots are known to be the wisest and great birds. They are easy to pet but before buying a parrot you must know how to pet it and what its requirements. In non-domesticated animals, parrots are included because they can adopt different behaviors depending on the way you treat them. Following are the ways of how to pet a parrot.

Parrot Home

It is a myth that parrots don’t like cages of round shape that has no accurately designed corners. They feel safe in a square or rectangular shaped cage that has accurately designed corners which will be appropriate for parrots. Before buying a cage, you must determine that the cage is large enough for the parrot to fly around easily.

Cage Placement Room

Parrots are those birds that always stay with their crew and remain in contact with their fellow birds. If they kept alone in a silent room they may get mad and worried that can cause harmful effects for it. Parrots want to stay contacted where their fellow humans are present. If you have other birds you may want to stay them from your bird so that they don’t cause anxiety to the parrot.


Different birds can handle several types of temperature but parrots can handle temperatures from sixty-five to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. You should take steps to avoid any temperature increasing or decreasing activities in the bird room. Small birds cannot handle temperatures below 40 degrees whereas fluffy birds can handle temperatures up to 85 degrees. If the temperature cannot be controlled be sure to take measures that the bird doesn’t die due to suffocation.

Parrot’s Diet

Parrots also need different types of nutrients to stay healthy according to their diet. Different types of seeds are used for their diet that is healthy for their health but they shouldn’t be just given seeds for their diet but also should be given fruits and vegetables. You should clean the food of your parrot before feeding it to parrot. Fruits and vegetables like banana, apples, carrots, and berries can be used in the diet of parrot that can be used to keep him healthy. Nuts like pecans can be used to feed thin birds. Junk food is very harmful to parrots and many other birds. Alcohol, sugar and greasy food should be avoided because it can damage the health of the birds.