How To Raise a Hamster

If you are scrolling through a gallery to search for pets it is a sure thing that you might stop scrolling when you see an image of a cute hamster. Now those cute little things are adorable and now you want to pet it but are you prepared?

You might be the one to say, oh it’s okay! No worries, how hard can it be to pet a hamster? Well, think again buddy your adorable little hamster needs more care and attention than you think it does. If not cared for properly, they can die. Here are some facts that you should know to pet a Hamster.


The species of a hamster are sometimes ignored but it is important to know the breed of your hamster. Of course, if you are buying a single hamster, it’s not that big of a matter but if in pairs try to get the same ones as golden or Syrian ones are highly aggressive in terms of their territory and may kill their companion.

Whereas the Chinese or Siberian ones are humble one and can live without killing each other but they might get rough to sometimes so keep an eye out for them.


Nowadays we can find every kind of pet food in our supermarkets and those for hamsters is a mix of vegetables, fruits, and grains. You can feed fresh vegetables and fruits in your home to your hamster but note that not every vegetable is beneficial for the little fellow. Like the high on sugar fruits or vegetables as they can cause diabetes in hamsters. Just stick to broccoli, parsley, carrots, turnips, pears or apples and avoid giving onion, oranges, raw potatoes, lettuce, chives, leeks, and garlic.


Bedding for hamsters are really important as not every material from the pet shop is reliable. The bedding should never be wood based or cat litter or corn cob or newspaper as your hamster can develop serious respiratory infection causing it to sneeze continuously for some time. Try something of plant-based or cellulose.


The cage can be of at least 12 inches but the spacious the cage is the better. Try finding an escape-proof cage as hamsters are experts at escaping.


If your pet is sick, you can take it to any nearby Vet but for a hamster, the story is different as you have to find a special Vet for your hamster, and it can be expensive so find one beforehand and try to create a healthy environment for your hamster.